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Motor operation with clutch gearbox

Motor operation with clutch gearbox

The gearbox with clutch can be easily switched on and off. The clutch can be designed at any stage of the reduction gearbox. This gearbox is especially suitable for engineering equipment applications, where disconnection and connection can be controlled at will.

Adapt to any motor
Can be closed and opened at will during turning
Precision planetary gearbox
Strong design and manufacturing capabilities



nema17 linear stepper motor+encoder+drive&controller all in one

YANLANMC provides an innovative and more concise linear motion product. The latest mass-produced integrated intelligent linear stepper motor integrates the motor 42 linear motor + encoder + driver + input and output controller, logic controller, IP65 protection, M8 port.

  • Support various control schemes such as CANopen/Modbus/pulse/analog
  • Support single-axis independent logic control, no motion controller
  • High resolution encoder
  • Multi-turn absolute and incremental encoders optional
  • Support external drive and direct push structure
  • Multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Used only to pay attention to load connection and simple control logic

High-performance brushless servo motors and drives

The 200W low voltage servo system provided by YANLANMC is shorter than similar products on the market. The power density is higher, and the motor is basically silent. With a networked controller, Ethernet and CANopen control can be realized. The following is a demonstration of speed control and positioning control. Motors rated at 3000rpm run smoothly at low speeds

Release of nema11 ultra micro integrated servo motor with integrated controller

Nema11 closed loop stepper motor is an integrated small servo system, which only increases 1.5cm on the basis of nema11 standard motor shape. Optional CANopen (ds402) and Modbus communication control. Closed loop control mode is adopted to prevent out of step

Multi-axis Networked Control Demo with CANopen

The entire mechanism is connected in series through the Canopen bus, and multiple motors cooperate to display a variety of shapes and motion trajectories. Thanks to the full closed-loop servo function, the movement and positioning of each part have good dynamic performance and high-precision repeatability, which fully reflects the small, smart and accurate characteristics of Nanotec products.

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

We are about to usher in the traditional Chinese New Year. During the Spring Festival, we will be closed from January 17,2020 to January 20,2020. Please forgive me for the inconvenience. Happy New Year to all my friends