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Multi-axis Networked Control Demo with CANopen

This set of demonstration tooling consists of multiple externally driven linear actuators. Each motor is equipped with a small encoder developed by Nanotec, which combines high precision feedback and compact structure. The controller uses the compact smart driver CL3-E, "small body, big purpose", which can drive stepper motors or DC brushless motors. It supports full closed-loop servo control and a variety of bus interfaces, including canopen, RS485 and RS232. In addition, it also supports independent programming for offline operation, which is an excellent choice for small automation equipment control parts. The entire mechanism is connected in series through the Canopen bus, and multiple motors cooperate to display a variety of shapes and motion trajectories. Thanks to the full closed-loop servo function, the movement and positioning of each part have good dynamic performance and high-precision repeatability, which fully reflects the small, smart and accurate characteristics of Nanotec products.