About us

Shanghai Yanlan Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

We focus on providing customers with a more valuable and innovative industrial motion control system and automation platform.

In response to the current needs of the manufacturing industry in the new era, more flexible solutions are needed to enhance the operation speed of enterprises. The end consumers need smarter product solutions and intelligence has become a must.

YANLAN continues its commitment to intelligent and digital technical support and optimization of product solutions. It continuously focuses on hardware and software such as controllers, brushless DC motors, stepper motors and encoders, and especially integrated solutions and customer Integration of services as one to promote all walks of life to speed up the intelligent transformation.

YANLAN has been committed to becoming a professional provider of system solutions in the field of micro-motors. Its business covers various types of motor control systems, various types of motor systems, integrated servo integrated systems, system customization, and development.

For the medical, robotics, industrial automation, finance, and many other sophisticated areas to provide overall intelligent solutions.