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CL4E 暂不支持直接读取CFG文件作为MODBUS_PDO映射的配置文件,因此修改和配置

一、正确连接PNDS软件,读取刷新Object dictionary数据列表

二、2290设置为0,保存(1010:01=1702257011) //关闭PDI功能并保存

三、断电重启,重新连接软件并切换到Object dictionary页面

(1010:01=1702257011)//TxPDO 默认配置清除

(1010:01=1702257011)//RxPDO 默认配置清除


六、根据实际使用需要配置Tx PDO和Rx PDO,本案以广州某客户的应用为例配置如下:

在Object dictionary页面配置Tx PDO

3602:01=0x20390220   //5000(高16位)+5001    实时电流(2039:02)      
3602:02=0x606C0020  //5002(高16位)+5003    实时转速 (6064)
3602:03=0x25000120   //5004(高16位)+5005    报警信息(内部程序自定义2500:01)
3602:00=3                 //先配置子索引,索引个数配置最后完成

在Object dictionary页面配置Rx PDO
3502:01=0x24000110 //6000                 启动
 (0x00:无动作  0x01: 速度模式启动(通过速度的正负控制方向) 0x04: 减速度停止)

3502:02=0x24000220   // 6001(高16位)+6002    目标速度(2400:02)
3502:03=0x24000320   //6003(高16位)+6004    加速度(2400:03)
3502:04=0x24000420   //6005(高16位)+6006    减速度
3502:00=4                 // //先配置子索引,索引个数配置最后完成



七、断电重启,并重新连接,刷新Object dictionary,检查上页配置是否生效,如果错误


CL4E supports two control schemes, PDI and standard mapping. This routine introduces how to close PDI and use the standard mapping scheme configuration instructions. Unlike domestic drivers, this driver supports user-defined configuration and modification of PDO objects, which is convenient for users to use as needed

The hardware tools and software required are as follows:
First, CL4E controller
2. USB data cable / CANOPEN converter / 485 cable, you can choose one of the three to ensure normal connection of PNDS software
Third, the latest version of the PNDS software

How to modify and configure mapping objects
CL4E does not support reading CFG files directly as MODBUS_PDO mapping configuration files, so modify and configure
The PDO object needs to be performed in the object data dictionary. The detailed steps are as follows
First, correctly connect the PNDS software, read and refresh the object dictionary data list
2. Set 2290 to 0 and save (1010: 01 = 1702257011) // Close the PDI function and save
Third, power off and restart, reconnect the software and switch to the Object dictionary page
4. Set 0 at 3502: 00; clear all sub-indexes below 3502 (0x00000000); save
(1010: 01 = 1702257011) // TxPDO default configuration cleared
V. Set 0 at 3602: 00; clear all sub-indexes below 3602 (0x00000000); save
(1010: 01 = 1702257011) // RxPDO default configuration cleared
6. Configure Tx PDO and Rx PDO according to the actual use requirements. In this case, an application from a customer in Guangzhou is used as an example.

Configure Tx PDO on the Object dictionary page

3602: 01 = 0x20390220 // 5000 (high 16 bits) +5001 real-time current (2039: 02)
3602: 02 = 0x606C0020 // 5002 (high 16 bits) +5003 real-time speed (6064)
3602: 03 = 0x25000120 // 5004 (high 16 bits) +5005 alarm information (internal program custom 2500: 01)
3602: 00 = 3 // Configure the sub-index first, and the number of indexes is finally configured.

Configure Rx PDO on the Object dictionary page
// The following 2400 registers are defined by the internal user logic program, users can customize the logic program according to their needs and download it to
In the controller
3502: 01 = 0x24000110 // 6000 start
 (0x00: no action 0x01: speed mode start (by positive and negative speed control direction) 0x04: deceleration stop)

3502: 02 = 0x24000220 // 6001 (high 16 bits) + 6002 target speed (2400: 02)
3502: 03 = 0x24000320 // 6003 (high 16 bits) +6004 acceleration (2400: 03)
3502: 04 = 0x24000420 // 6005 (high 16 bits) +6006 deceleration
3502: 00 = 4 // // Configure the sub-index first, and the number of indexes is finally configured.

Save (1010: 01 = 1702257011)

Seven, power off and restart, and reconnect, refresh the object dictionary, check whether the previous page configuration takes effect, if wrong
Need to reconfigure

8. Decide if you need to flash into the NANOJ program (user logic program) according to the actual requirements of the user.
This case needs to be flashed into the NANOJ program

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