PD2-C (Copy) EtherCAT Smart Stepper Motor

The integrated servo motor with EtherCAT driver supports EtherCAT slave station control, US level response, up to 18-bit high precision multi-cycle absolute encoder, IP65 protection design, rated 200W output, rated speed 3000rpm. Integrated servo motor innovatively integrates the EtherCAT bus driver module, digital-analog input, and output module, programmable controller module, multi-loop absolute value servo motor in one. Simplify user wiring. IP65 is suitable for the harsh environment of waterproof and dust-proof, such as production line, packaging, paper-making equipment, robots, etc. This series of products support alternative bus modes (CANopen). Welcome to contact us.


  • Integrated Control Servo Motor
  • EtherCAT High-Speed Interface
  • High Precision Positioning, Speed and Torque Control
  • Enriching Input and Output Modules


Size(mm):1.1 mm
Rated Speed (RPM):8000rpm
Torque (Nm):6 Nm
OEM Programmable:Yes

电子换向三相电机(EC电机)特别适用于要求安静运行特性和长使用寿命的应用。高能永磁体具有高加速率,高效率和高达14,000 rpm的转速。转子位置由三个偏移120°的霍尔传感器电子反馈。与编码器一起,BLDC电机也可用于需要精确定位的应用中。


标配12针连接器(IP65)。如果涉及的数量较大,我们可以提供带引线的电机版本(缩短17 mm,IP50)


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