CL4-E Stepper & BLDC Universal Rs485-motor-driver

Universal controller for stepper and BLDC servo motors,.Control via USB, CANopen, Modbus RTU (RS232, RS485).Wide range of supply voltages from 12 to 58v.0-6A current output(Instruction adjustment).Available for controller nema8~ nema34 stepper motors and 300W brushless servo motors.It can be directly connected to HMI to modify parameters without additional host.Internal logic program function makes control possible without Master.


  • Small size,0-6A rated output /18A peek 
  • Control via USB, CANopen, Modbus RTU (RS232, RS485)
  • High Precision Positioning, Speed and Torque Control
  • Enriching Input and Output Modules
  • Universal Servo controller
  • Nanoj user logic program download
  • Run alone via I/O control


Rated current (Arms):6 A
Operating Voltage V:12-58 V
Interface:Modbus RTU
Inputs & Outputs:

4-Inputs (5V)

1 (0-10 V) Analog input

2 digital outputs

OEM Programmable:Yes
Customization:OEM logic program
Corresponding Motors:stepper and DC servo motor


Pin assignment

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CL4E_CANopen_USB_ModbusRTU_Technical-Manual pdf 13.934MB December / 24 / 2019   Download
PNDS-2.0.5-release-package zip 323.863MB December / 19 / 2019   Download
CL4-E 3D Model zip 9.042MB December / 24 / 2019   Download
CL4-E-Overview pdf 462.4KB December / 13 / 2019   Download


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