C5-E Stepper & Servo Controller EtherCAT Servo Motor Controller

Controller/drive for brushless DC motors and stepper motors with a flange size from NEMA 17 to NEMA 34. Available in a low-current version with 6 A rated current/6 A peak current and in a high-current version with 10 A rated current/30 A peak current.Support master system: Beckhoff, Omron, etc.


  • Controlled by EtherCAT & I/O
  • Easy to parameterize via EtherCAT
  • Simple programming with the Plug & Drive Studio
  • Closed loop with encoder
  • Servo & Stepper Universal driver
  • Brake output


Rated current (Arms):6/10 A
Operating Voltage V:12-48 V
Inputs & Outputs:

5 Digital inputs (5/24 V switchable )

2  Analog input -10 - +10 V/0-20 mA switchable

3 Digital outputs

OEM Programmable:Yes
Customization:OEM logic program
Corresponding Motors:stepper and DC servo motor

Related Files

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PNDS-2.0.5-release-package zip 323.863MB December / 19 / 2019   Download
C5-E-x-21_EtherCAT_USB_Technical-Manual_V1.1.0 pdf 4.394MB December / 27 / 2019   Download
Product Overview C5-E pdf 764.062KB December / 27 / 2019   Download


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